Carolyn Kephart

"Carolyn Kephart may not be a great name in fantasy, but she should be!"

~Dark Moon Rising Magazine

Carolyn Kephart has been a guest professional at WorldCon, Norwescon, and Mythcon.

Her work is available in both digital and paper versions at most online bookstores.

WYSARD and LORD BROTHER: The Ryel Saga Duology

"Masterful fantasy by an extremely talented author" ~In The Library
Critically acclaimed when it first appeared in paperback, the Ryel Saga duology is now available
in a revised and expanded digital second edition that has enjoyed bestseller status at
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"Intricately layered and exotic" ~ Robin Hobb
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For almost half of his twenty-six years Ryel Mirai has studied the Art in a bleak citadel on a barren plain. He returns to the World to rediscover the long-lost spell that will release his mentor from the wraithworld of the Void, but a malignant sorcerer likewise imprisoned has enlisted the aid of Ryel's strongest rival to find the spell first. Amid dangers, joys and temptations, Ryel encounters unlikely allies and unforeseen enemies, and learns that he may well gain all that he wishes ... although perhaps not as he wished it
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This single-volume edition joins together both parts of the duology.

"I fell in love with this book. The Ryel Saga is a poignant, touching, somber, and exhilarating read, all in one ... To run your eyes over each word is a grand event by every definition of the word grand. Let it capture you, let it overwhelm you. Once you reach the end, you'll understand that you've undergone something rare, something beautiful, something you might only see two or three times in your life." -  The Journal of Always Reviews

Contemporary Magic Realism

Carolyn Kephart's latest novel veers away from fantastic realms and plunges into the gritty here and now, but unreality remains a compelling, disquieting constant.
Classics professor Lucasta Hilary's lackluster routine in Midwest academia changes forever thanks to seeming quirks of fate that bring her unexpected fame and inexplicable beauty, but her good fortune soon proves to be very far from heaven sent. Two eternal adversaries seek to alter Lucasta's destiny, in a struggle that spans eons and ranges from the bleak remains of Hadrianís Wall to the lush jungles of the Yucatan highlands to the very edge of existence, where temptation, damnation, and redemption inextricably entwine.

Tales from Tilted Views:
PenTangle: Five Pointed Fables


A quartet of well-reviewed short stories previously
published in speculative
fiction journals, plus a bonus tale:

The Kind Gods
The Heart's Desire
Last Laughter
Everafter Acres

Carolyn Kephart is interviewed at
Spad's Literary Potpourri.

Wysardessence: A Fantasist's Reality is Carolyn Kephart's blog. It features whatever's fascinating her at the moment, and frequently includes her photography.

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